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A little delay...

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

As some of you know, our sailing vlog series is set to start in August, when we move aboard our catamaran and sail off to see the world!

Unfortunately, the boat delivery has been postponed a couple of times and we have been left to entertain ourselves on land! Thus, our videos are sadly lacking sailing content. Stay tuned for sailing. We appreciate your patience.

Nevertheless, we're making use of our time--practicing! We have a lot to do, and a ton to learn, but are enjoying the creative process. If you have ideas for how we can make our content better, we'd love to learn from you.

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Our goal is to deliver a quality sailing series, promoting friendship, celebrating love, and exploring the best sailing life has to offer.

We will let you all know when the first sailing episode is live.

Happy living, loving and sailing!

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Ready to go sailing!

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