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Ready to Cross an Ocean?

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

Our crew is a mix of friends and family. Kellie's father is joining for the log legs (Gibraltar to the Caribbean). He's done a lot of offshore sailing, taught sailing, and is pretty great at it. He's also delightful company. He's funny and smart and has the most amiable personality. He's also planning to teach the crew about celestial navigation! There are few other humans we would want to spend so much time with -- especially in such close quarters.

Kellie has sailed casually throughout her life, David lived aboard his Pearson 35 in college, and the rest of the crew all have deep appreciation for cruising. Our confidence may be more intuitive than proven, but that's life -- disciplined education and experimentation make many things possible. This whole journey will be an intense learning experience for everyone.

We are grateful for our crew and appreciate how hard everyone works to stay sharp and always be learning, everyday!

Kellie and her Dad, circa a long time ago

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