Live, Love and Sail


The Beginning: Kellie & David

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

On the way to Burning Man, Kellie picked up three fellow campers including David. She felt instantly drawn to him. The feeling was familiar, but she didn’t take much notice of it at the time. There was so much stimulus leading up to the festival -- so many amazing people and beautiful connections. None quite like David though.

David and Kellie never spent much time together preferring to enjoy solo adventures. They held no private space and never exchanged contact info. But the desire to be closer was mutual.

When Kellie returned home to San Francisco, she told her friends about meeting David. She wanted it on record that though while there was a slim chance of them ending up together, if it happened, she had known at first sight.

Weeks later, a Mill Valley camp mate was hosting a reunion party. David flew all the way from Florida to attend. He and Kellie reconnected and shared an extended weekend. They had a special connection and their bond grew.


They are now committed to each other, marveling at the beautiful, and incredible magic of it all.  

They uprooted their lives to share an adventure that feels like destiny: Sailing, on Starship Friendship, a catamaran bearing Kellie's playa namesake.

Their story is a romantic fantasy come true... And a reminder that when the heart guides, the future has a way of exceeding exceptions.

We can’t even begin to imagine how great it will be!

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