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Grand Adventure - Burning Man 2017

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

What a grand adventure that was.

I'm tired, inspired, emotional, and need a hug or a sushi dinner, and a long bath.

Still glowing but spiritually raw and deeply grateful for Burning Man and those who were part of my journey. I truly appreciate the experience, my camp, and the bountiful generosity and abundant creativity practiced by all on the playa.

Burning Man reflections give me goosebumps. Emotions are powerful, dance is powerful, community is powerful, love is powerful. All this and more are created by the people and for the people - gifted on the playa. Impermanent and perfect.

The celebration rings in my ears, it's scale, authenticity, and potential will stay with me - fortifying optimism and magnifying gratitude for this life. Memories of my burn occupy my thoughts and churn in a symphony through my veins.

Even now, echoes pull me closer. Much gained and somethings left to burn. Memories of futures forsaken and dreams of singularly special connections make my heart ache a bit. Grateful and wistful, still wanting more. I know the feelings well. Mine and others... the flames burnt hot and singed my heart a tad.

We are gifted and I am grateful for the incredible humans sharing this journey!

Yes - go to Burning Man, it's hard and wonderful. You will not regret the investment. The photos say nothing compared to the feeling.

~ Kellie

The temple at Burning Man 2017

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