Live, Love and Sail



We have been fortunate throughout our lives; having great friends, jobs, bosses, teachers, and opportunities. It’s all great!

The only not great thing is that our boat delivery was pushed back a bit. It’s not the worst, really just a bit of time. We are simply impatient! We long to feel wind in our sails! Can we do now, please and thank you.

The troublesome delivery date... It’s hard to pin so much on a date and time. It’s a fragile foundation to built on. The risk in this thinking is that if something changes again it will trigger more frustration during a time when we want to focus on super positive things.

We can be patient. Attachment to a fantasy future creates suffering now. So we're focused on manifesting what we desire, while maintaining gratitude for the life we are living now. The extra time is time to enjoy preparations.

An excellent exercise has been to focus on each moment rather than on any outcome or future goal. Being mindful of our thoughts, accepting ourselves and all the amazingness that is in our lives now.

Mindfulness tunes our attention into positive rhythms.

We find ourselves reflecting on our current relationships and how much we are enjoying them. Thinking about our great fortune to be together and being grateful for having such good friends in our lives. Really, as we are - right now - is amazing.

But, we're so ready to sail!

Ready to sail!

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