I love philosophy, art, magic & mystery. I find inspiration in the space between the stars.

Kellie is passionate about adventure, people and the potential for ideas to create positive global impacts. She enjoys aiming high, overcoming obstacles, and sharing inspirational experiences. 

​Kellie spent her first years aboard a wooden yawl in the Caribbean.  Her family later relocated to Catalina Island where they lived for the next few decades. Homeschooling provided time to enjoy a simple life filled with nature, sailing, art and community. 

Kellie worked for the native plant nursery and the nature conservancy. The entire family took environmental stewardship seriously, volunteering to keep the island pristine and educate visitors.  She worked hard and saved, but not enough to pay for college.


After high school, she took a gap year and traveled the south Pacific.  When she returned to California, she worked for the Long Beach School District and traveled back to Saint Thomas for summer employment. Between jobs, she earned an Associate Degree. 

She moved to Kauai to live with her grandfather. There she taught horseback riding, gave nature tours, presented tour programs, provided marking for an adventure company, and supported video productions with local projects.  

One day a friend asked her for a favor. She was the manager of a scholarship pageant and had rented a theater and sold tickets, but a contestant dropped out and according the the Miss America rules the event would be canceled without another competitor. So Kellie agreed to help… and won. 

The Miss Kauai title came with a tuition scholarship to Hawaii Pacific University. Kellie moved to Oahu to study and kept winning scholarships. She earned a Master’s degree and was the Valedictorian for her graduate school.  She hosted two local television shows, and worked occasionally on the sets of visiting television and movie productions. 

After graduation, she backpacked Europe with her father, then moved to California for work. In 2008 she lost her job and started consulting for technology startups. Her career lead her to San Francisco where she fell in love with the climate, culture and natural beauty of the city and lands around it. 

She enjoyed everything about her world and wanted to share it with someone special.  She refocused her energy to open the door for love… and in walked David.  

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I enjoy free diving & personal growth. Time sailing with friends is the most rewarding.

I enjoy free diving and personal growth. Time sailing with friends is the most rewarding.

David is an expert free diver. He holds the unofficial record for the largest yellowfin tuna shot in the gulf of Mexico. He is a respected outdoorsman and passionate environmentalist.  

David grew up in Clearwater, Florida. He spent his youth exploring the bays and rivers, building forts on the mangrove islands, and diving and fishing with his family. When he was a teenager, his father passed away. His friends supported him through those times and he felt the value of a strong community.  

During the summers he had many jobs, from concessions on the beach to lifeguarding. His favorite work was aboard the pirate ship “Ransom” as Dynamite Dave. He managed to save up enough money to buy his first sailboat while in college, a Pearson 35. Her name was High Cotton and she was David’s pride and joy. He sailed High Cotton through the Florida inter-coastal, got hammered by the Gulf Stream, and enjoyed cruising the Bahamas.

After college, David put his life-learned waterman knowledge to work selling boats for a living. One day, a client applied for a loan and disclosed his income as $250,000. After learning that his client was a fireman, David promptly quit his sales job and signed up for the local Fire Academy.


He graduated at the start of the last economic downturn and found work hard to come by. So he went to medical school and become a paramedic. In 2008 the bottom fell out of the US economy and he lost his job.  

Later that year, he partnered with a friend who was roasting coffee beans in Saint Petersburg. He was relentless in building a market for their coffee brand. His success caught the attention of a former classmate who offered him a small stake in a new business if he would join the team and sell their privately manufactured skin care line. David took a risk and accepted the offer. He worked nonstop. The stress put him in the hospital twice and he lived in a constant state of anxiety.

David was prioritizing work and making a living, but it was costing him his health and his happiness. He felt unbalanced and unsatisfied, and decided that it was time to make a change. So he carved out some personal time, meditated on his life and experiences, and listened to the call for simplification.


High Cotton was on his mind and that’s when he met Kellie.

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Ethos of Starship Friendship


Open hearts through deeply personal participation.

Leave No Trace

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Welcome and respect others as part of one community


Discover, exercise and rely on your inner resources.


Achieve your potential through immediate 



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Communal Effort

Support human understanding and interaction.


Give unconditionally, without exception of a return or exchange.

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